Friday, 9 December 2016

About Me

I don't usually open up to people that quick, but because this is an activity that we are supposed to do, I'll do it anyway.
Hi! I'm Audrey Peh! You can call me Apple Pie or AP as those are what people usually call me. I think I can predict your reaction when you first saw my picture. You're most probably wondering why do I have six Korean-looking boys (well, they ARE Korean anyway) as my picture which I want others to associate me too. That brings me to my next point. I'm an avid K-pop fan and absolutely LOVE listening to K-pop songs. I spend most of my free time fan girling over these boys who don't even know my existence too (don't judge, it's the truth XD) Some of my favourites are Astro (the ones in the picture), Boys 24 and Up10tion.
I also like to make new friends and talk a lot. However, I'm the shy kind so people usually have to come up tome first. Also, I only start being that crazy friend who can never stop talking only when we are closer. I didn't even know  I was those kind of people until a few days ago! XD
Before this gets too long, I shall stop here. I hope we become good friends in SST, to whoever's reading this!

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